Casually Reflecting: Life & Legacy

The poet Kendrick Lamar wrote a poem/letter addressed to death called I Hate You in 2011. This is how it starts: “Let me start off this letter saying I don't like you, Scared of you, but I will fight you, I stare at the ceiling and think about you Curiosity killing me, thinking of when … Continue reading Casually Reflecting: Life & Legacy

Casually Reflecting: “Living My Best Life”

Often quipped as having been one of the wittiest people to ever exist, it is no coincidence that Irish poet Oscar Wilde lived quite the wild life. The only novel he ever wrote (one of my favourites!); The Picture of Dorian Gray, best illustrates this. Photo by Cocktail Zindagi. Dorian’s Dawn. In the book, Oscar … Continue reading Casually Reflecting: “Living My Best Life”

Casually Reflecting: Social Media & The People We Follow

A German philosopher and social critic who lived in the 1800’s: Friedrich Nietzsche, when speaking about the youth of his day, said this: Even in this modern age of social media and technological advancements, this millennium-old quote still stands firm! A while back, I watched a 2016 (I repeat;!!) interview of Polish sociologist Zygmunt … Continue reading Casually Reflecting: Social Media & The People We Follow

Casually Reflecting: Discontentment

One of the local dailies recently featured a beautifully written article by Linda Nnanguttu entitled ‘Coping With Emerging Quarter-Life Crisis’ . In it, the author writes about a phenomenon: ‘Quarter-Life Crisis’, which she describes as the growing discontentment that strikes at those who have recently started out in the job market. She writes: “You’re now 25. … Continue reading Casually Reflecting: Discontentment